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Math/Science Homework

This week

This weekend is a meteor shower, this video shows what it was like the last time it was visible. You can see this Friday and Saturday


Locker Cleanup - Wednesday block 6

Bring new gym strip on Monday. 

Sky Science Unit test - Tuesday Review Monday at lunch

Problem Solving page - Bring Monday - $300

Please bring back the Movie Mill letter

Bonus - $1000 - name 5 students whose names start with B in 6A/B



Nov 20 information

Some great videos for you to understand the phases of the moon







$100 per non perishable food item

Sky Science Title Pages - last call Monday ( or in at lunch to do) 

Mathletics - practice integers ** Play Integer War 

Integer Games - websites









Bonus question - email Mr B the name of our PS 1 student teacher 



Trees and Forest Title Page

Create a title page for our new Science unit. The title page should include

* 10 hand drawn pictures and phrases that we have discussed in class

* neatly written ( no computer use)

* colored

* your name


Due Sept 16th 


Leaf Project Due Oct 28th

Leaf Project                              



The purpose of this project is to show your level of understanding for the following:

  • Being able to recognize the 3 main parts of a leaf
  • Classifying a variety of leaves according to their type, shape, margin and arrangement.

You will be given 2 class periods to work on this with the task being due on October 28th. I would encourage you to explore your neighborhood so that you can have a wide variety of leaves showing as many of the classification points as possible. You should have at least 4 examples of each of the classification points.

Please be creative in showing your understanding. Previous projects have included movies, IPADs, PowerPoints, scrapbooks, word searches, puzzles and hand made drawings


This project will be out of 24 marks

4 marks each (16) – knowledge of types, margins, shape and arrangements 

4 marks – parts of a leaf

4 marks – neatness, creativity